Descendants of Robert Boyd

Generation One

1. Robert1 Boyd was born between 1780 and 1790; He is between 50-59 years of age in the 1840 Census.1 He married Diana Kelly circa 1809. He died before 29 May 1846 at Jefferson Co, IN.2 His estate was probated on 29 May 1846 at Jefferson Co, IN; Jefferson County, Indiana Will Book B, page 55:

In vacation between May and August

Terms Probate Court 1846 ---

May 29, 1846 -

Be it remembered that on this day per-sonally appeared before me in my office James Parks and Preston P. Wiley the Executors Named in the Last Will and testament of Robert Boyd late of said County, deceased and produced said Will for record and proof, and which was duly proven by the oaths of Zachariah Underwood and James M. Underwood the subscribing Witnesses hereto and admitted record as follows fourth, "I Robert Boyd of Jefferson County, State of Indiana do make and publish this my last will and Testament as follows, viz; First, I direct that my Body be decently interned, and that my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with my estate and situation in life, and as to such worldly estate as it has pleased God to intrust me with I dispose of the same in the foregoing manner, I give and bequeath to my two youngest sons Robert and Alexander Wilson Boyd Five Hundred Dollars ($500) each and that it be loaned and that the Interest arising from the loans be applied to their raising and education until they are Twenty one years of age and if either or both of them should die before they arrive at the age of 21 years, it is my will that their part or parts be equally divided among my sons John, Joseph, and Asa K Boyd and either Robert of Alexander W. Boyd who may survive the other and it is further my will that after all expences are is paid that what my remain of my personable property including notes and rent of Wheat field and Eighty acres of land in Vermillion County Illinois, it being the E.½ N.W. Sec. 33 T.21. R. 12. also Thirty four acres Sec. 9. T.21. R. 12 also Thirty five acres in Jefferson County Indiana it being the N.E.¼ of the N. W. quarter o f sec. No. 9. in T. No. 4 North of range No. 9 (35) acres - and it is futher my will it be equally divided among the following indi- viduals, ____ [?], My Daughters or their heirs, Polly Jones, Matilda Sullivan, Armitha Licklyter, Amaline Terrill also my sons John Boyd, Joseph Boyd, and Asa K. Boyd or their heirs - It is further my will that James Park and Preston P. Wiley be executors of this my last will and testament and that the [end of paragraph unreadable].


page 56

In Vacation Continued

In Witness Whereof, I Robert Boyd, the testator have hereunto set my hand this Eighteenth day of April One thousand Eight hundred and forty six April 18th. 1846. Robert Boyd Seal

Signed Sealed published and declared by the above named Robert Boyd as his last will and Testa- ment in the presence of us who have hereunto sub- scribed our names do Witnessed thereto in the presence of the said testator and in the presence of each other

Zachariah his X mark Underwood Witness

James M. X Underwood Witness

State of Indiana

Jefferson County Sct Be it remembered that on this day personally appeared before me the undersigned Clerk of the Circuit and Ex office Clerk of the Probate Court, of said County in my office, Zachariah Underwood and James W. Underwood the subscribing Witnesses to the Last Will and Testament of Robert Boyd late of said County, deceased, who being duly sworn on their oaths say, that they saw the said Robert Boyd sign and Seal the Foregoing paper as his will and that they subscribed the same as Witnesses in the presence of each other and in the pres - ence and at the request of said Robert Boyd these These de__its [?] further say that said Robert Boyd was at the time he made and executed said paper as his will of Full a__ [?] to de___ [?] his property; and of sound mind and memory, and not under coercion and restraint, and that he did publish and declare the same to be his will and further say Not - Zachariah his X Mark Underwood

James M. Underwood

Subscribed and Sworn to, in My office, before me this 29. Day of May 1846.

M. __. Tayler, Clk

And the said Preston P. Wiley came and ____ - ced the Execution of said Will - And thereupon the said James Park prayed that Letters Testam- entary may be granted him, and its satisfac- torily appearing that more than fifteen days have elapsed since the decease of said Robert Boyd and said James Park entering into Bond in the penal sum of Four thousand dollars ____ [?] - tioned as the Law directs with Abraham Dickson as his security and taking the oath in such cases made and _____ [?], Letters Testamentary are granted him on said Estate

86 [page]

4th Day November Term 1846

119 [page]

9th Day November Term 1846 Nov. 19'/46

On motion, William J. Foster is appointed Guardian of the person and estate of Robert Boyd an infant aged about nineteen years and six months, and heir of Robert Boyd, deceased, who entered into Bond in the penal sum of Fourteen hundred dollars conditioned as the Law directs, with James Park as his security now here approved by the Court and having taken the oath in such case made and provided letter of Guardianship are ordered to issue to him which was accordingly done.

170 [page]

John Boyd


Estate of Robert Boyd

Deceased Comes said John Body and files an account against said Estate for a $54.00

343 [page]

8th Day September Term 1847 Sept. 28'/47

James Park

Ex' of

Robert Boyd Deceased Comes said Executor and makes Settlement of said Estate as follows, towit,

Ex' D'

To amount of     Inventory. No. 1 $1202.60

" " "                     Worthless Claims on same 7.50

" " "                     Note on Frederick Lichlighter 150.00

" " " " "                 William Jones 50.00

" " " " "                 John Sullivan 30.00

" " "                     Inventory No. 2. 75.00

" " "                     Interest received 3.00



By Amount of Worthless Notes returned in Inventory 7.50

" " " Note on Fred. Lichlighter also Inventories which was given up to him by request of Decedent in his lifetime 150.00

" " " Note on William Jones given up as above stated 50.00

" " " Note on John Sullivan given up as above stated 30.00

" " Paid John E. Gale Guar. Of Alexander Wilson Boyd 500.00

" " " William J. Foster Guar. Of Robert Boyd 500.00

" " " Zachariah and James M. Underwood 2.00

" " " Lodge & Jones 1.00

" " " William Jones 1.00

" " " F. Lichlighter 1.00

" " " John H. Dungan 1.00

" " " Joseph Hudson 1.00

" " " John H. Taylor 5.00

" " " William E. Ramsey 5.60

" " " Dr. Rupell 1.65

" " " George Poole 13.25

" " " John Downs 3.25½

" " " Elisha Bassett 4.50

" " " M. D. Lott 1.00

" " " Dr. Jordan 3.87½

" " " Foster Whitwood 3.25

" " " Thomas Ramsey 2.70

" " " William Abbott 2.50

" Amt. Credits Carried over $1290.45

[amount actually adds up to $1283.95, difference of $6.50]

344 [page]

September Term 1847 Sept. 28'/47

" " "

Executor D' Brot. up $1578.10

Executor Cr Brot. up $1290.45

By Amt paid. John Chitwood .75

" " " William Ritchie 11.68

" " " C. K. Laid 1.05

" " " Taxes 1.83

" " " John Boyd 25.00

" " " John H. Taylor 2.55

" " " Marshall Glass 10.00

" " allowed executor 65.00

" " of Bay horse appraised at 35$ deliv-ered to William Jones 35.00

" " of Coe_ [?] Bridle Saddle appraised at $40. delivered to Joseph Boyd 40.00

// $1483.31

Balance due the Estate $34.79

The Executor files herewith the directions of decedent in writing directing him how to dispose of the bay horse, bay Colk, Saddle & Bridle in said second Inventory mentioned, which was disposed of by the direction of this honorable court according to said written instructions ond day is Given to make final settlements.3

He was listed as head of household on the census of 1840 for Republic Twp., Jefferson Co, IN; 1 male 5-9, 1 male 10/14, 1 male 15/19, 1 male 50/59, no females.4 He owned land: Land Office at Jeffersonville, IN; I Robert Boyd of Jefferson Co., Indiana do hereby apply to Purchase the E 1/2 of the NE 1/4 Section 32 in Township 4N of Range 6E containing 80 acres according to the returns of the Surveyor General, for which I have agreed with the Register to give at the rate of One Dollar and Twenty five Cents per acre on 17 Nov 1845 at Jefferson Co, IN.5

Known children of Robert1 Boyd and Diana Kelly were as follows:

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