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Puerto Rico Pictures

Jack & Sara's Wedding, plus other pix from May 2002

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On a dock, south shore of Puerto Rico.

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On another dock, south shore of Puerto Rico (I see a theme here).

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Taking a load off, after a hard day of hiking through Mexican ruins.

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On the steps of the Post Office in Crozet, VA... I was sorry not to find Tucker and Mrs. Murphy there!

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Mark at the front gate of Buckingham Palace (Liz says 'Hi').

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Hollywood Cemetery, overlooking the James River in Richmond, VA.

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Mark and his genealogy buddy, Bev Petersen, at Jefferson's home, Monticello.

Hello Hollywood!

Me and my buddy, Mike Quinn, on the roof of Fernando's house in Puerto Rico.

On the rocks at Arch Cape - Cannon Beach, OR.



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