Jack and Sara's Wedding - Fort Walton Beach - May 18, 2002, plus some picture I took on the trip down and back.  As you can see, the wedding took place on a stormy day.  It was dry and warm during the ceremony, but the skies made for a dramatic back drop.

Later you'll see some pictures of our stop in Sarasota to see Dan's aunt, Marsha.  Also a few pics from our stop in Savannah.


Here comes the bride.

Sara slips the ring on Jack's finger.

Jack slips a ring on Sara's finger.

The kiss.

The ceremonial throwing of the pebbles into the Gulf of Mexico. 

Happy couple at the reception...

"Hey Jack, where is your trusted dog, Einstein?"

Cutting the way cool cake!

Dan and our waitress at an outdoor cafe (440 Main Restaurant) in Bowling Green, Kentucky (awesome Crab Cakes).

View of the town square from the cafe in Bowling Green.

Dan and Aunt Marsha in Sarasota, FL.

Dan and Harley at Aunt Marsha's house.

Mark and Aunt Marsha. Obviously I look a little pink after spending the day by Marsha's pool.

Steve (Dan's pal from SC), Dan and Mark at the Waving Lady statue in Savannah. Our volunteer photographer cut off the statues head and arms... so the picture sort of looses it's lame attempt at humor.

Steve and Dan standing in front of the Velvet Elvis Lounge in Savannah.

Mark and Louis (the horse). Dan and Mark had ridden in Louis' carriage the night before on a tour of Savannah.  You might recognize Louis from his appearances in the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".

Cool spider web on an iron gate in Savannah.