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Generation Thirteen

6144. William13 Woodward was born at England. He died at England.

Children of William13 Woodward and an unknown spouse were:

6152. Edward13 Dana married Agnes (--?--) (see #6153). He was born circa 1535 at Natland, Kendal Parish, England. He died in 1611 at Natland, Kendal Parish, England. He was buried on 23 Apr 1611 at Natland, England.

His Ancestral File Number is 9360-8H. He BURIED: 'Dana Genealogy' 1956 by E. Dana, page 32. COF.

Children of Edward13 Dana and Agnes (--?--) (see #6153) were:

6153. Agnes13 (--?--) married Edward Dana (see #6152). She was born circa 1537 at England. She died on 16 Dec 1616 at England.

Her Ancestral File Number is 9360-9N.

6154. Alexander13 Barlow married Ellen Jonson (see #6155). He was born circa 1552 at Manchester, England.

His Ancestral File Number is FPVF-RB.

Children of Alexander13 Barlow and Ellen Jonson (see #6155) were:

6155. Ellen13 Jonson married Alexander Barlow (see #6154). She was born circa 1556 at Manchester, England.

Her Ancestral File Number is FPVF-SH.

6156. William13 Bullard married Grace Bignett (see #6157). He was born circa 1562 at Barnham, Suffolk, England. He died circa 1609/10 at Barnham, Suffolk, England.

His Ancestral File Number is 3G48-SP.

Children of William13 Bullard and Grace Bignett (see #6157) were:

6157. Grace13 Bignett married William Bullard (see #6156), son of Henry Bullard and Margaret (--?--). She was born circa 1566 at Barnham, Suffolk, England. She died on 8 Feb 1629/30 at Barnham, Suffolk, England.

Her Ancestral File Number is 3G48-TV.

6158. John13 Martyn was born circa 1576. He died in 1630 at Barnham, Suffolk Co., England.

Children of John13 Martyn and an unknown spouse were:

6162. Capt. Robert13 Chaplin married Elizabeth Ansty (see #6163).1478

Children of Capt. Robert13 Chaplin and Elizabeth Ansty (see #6163) were:

6163. Elizabeth13 Ansty married Capt. Robert Chaplin (see #6162).1479

6272. John13 Hibbard was born on 7 Jul 1583 at Saint Edward, Wiltshire, England. He married Joan Fairfield (see #6273), daughter of John Fairfield and Isabel (--?--), circa 1605.

Children of John13 Hibbard and Joan Fairfield (see #6273) were:

6273. Joan13 Fairfield was born in 1577 at Holme Mylme, Strafford, England. She married John Hibbard (see #6272) circa 1605.

6274. John13 Luff was born in 1585 at England. He married Bridget (--?--) (see #6275) in 1620 at Salem, Essex Co, MA. He died in 1667 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.

He emigrated in 1633 from Boston, MA.1480

Children of John13 Luff and Bridget (--?--) (see #6275) were:

6275. Bridget13 (--?--) was born in 1587 at England. She married John Luff (see #6274) in 1620 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.

6292. Thomas13 Cross was born on 25 Jul 1580 at England.1481 He married Rachel Dising (see #6293) on 29 Jun 1603 at England.1482

Children of Thomas13 Cross and Rachel Dising (see #6293) were:

6293. Rachel13 Dising married Thomas Cross (see #6292), son of Thomas Cross, on 29 Jun 1603 at England.1483

Her married name was Crose.

6294. Stephen13 Jordan married Susannah Peabody (see #6295) circa 1615. He died in Feb 1670.1484

Children of Stephen13 Jordan and Susannah Peabody (see #6295) were:

6295. Susannah13 Peabody married Stephen Jordan (see #6294) circa 1615. She died on 25 Jan 1673.1485

6316. John13 Northend was born in 1555 at Weeton, Rowley, Yorkshire, England. He married Alice (--?--) (see #6317) circa 1575. He died in 1604. He was buried on 13 Oct 1604 at Weeton, Rowley, Yorkshire, England.

Children of John13 Northend and Alice (--?--) (see #6317) both b. at Weeton, Rowley, Yorkshire, England, were as follows:

6317. Alice13 (--?--) was born in 1562 at Weeton, Rowley, Yorkshire, England. She married John Northend (see #6316), son of John Northend, circa 1575. She died in 1622. She was buried on 9 Aug 1622 at Rowley, Yorkshire, England.

6318. Anthony13 Cole was born in 1556 at Hull, Yorkshire, England. He married Ann (--?--) (see #6319) circa 1575.

Children of Anthony13 Cole and Ann (--?--) (see #6319) were:

6319. Ann13 (--?--) was born in 1560 at Hull, Yorkshire, England. She married Anthony Cole (see #6318) circa 1575.

6336. Richard13 Cleveland was born in 1555 at Ipswich, England. He married Alice (--?--) (see #6337) circa 1580.

Children of Richard13 Cleveland and Alice (--?--) (see #6337) were:

6337. Alice13 (--?--) was born in 1555. She married Richard Cleveland (see #6336) circa 1580.

6388. William13 Farwell was born in 1582 at Boston, Lincolnshire, England.

Children of William13 Farwell and an unknown spouse were:

6390. Richard13 Welby was born in 1564 at Moulton, Lincolnshire, England. He married Francis Bulkeley (see #6391), daughter of Rev. Edward D.D. Bulkeley and Olive Irby, in 1595.

Children of Richard13 Welby and Francis Bulkeley (see #6391) were:

6391. Francis13 Bulkeley was born in 1568 at Moulton, Lincolnshire, England. She married Richard Welby (see #6390), son of Thomas Welby and Elizabeth Thimbleby, in 1595. She died in 1610 at Moulton, Lincolnshire, England.

6688. Robert13 How was born circa 1582 at Hatfield, Broad Oaks, E, England.1486

Children of Robert13 How and an unknown spouse were:

6690. John13 Dane was born circa 1585.1487

Children of John13 Dane and Frances Briget Bowyer (see #6691) were:

6691. Frances Briget13 Bowyer was born circa 1587.1488

6696. John13 How was born circa 1580 at Hadnall, Shropshire, England.1489

Children of John13 How and an unknown spouse were:

6700. Edward13 Ward was born circa 1573 at Woodhouse, Leeds, England.1490

Reference: 9P2V-FR.1491

Children of Edward13 Ward and an unknown spouse were:

7456. Abraham13 Monnet married Anne (--?--) (see #7457). He was born in 1605 at Poitou, France.

Children of Abraham13 Monnet and Anne (--?--) (see #7457) were:

7457. Anne13 (--?--) married Abraham Monnet (see #7456), son of Abraham Monnet.

7460. Michael13 Pillot married Catherine Monnet (see #7461). He was born circa 1618 at Poitou, France.

Children of Michael13 Pillot and Catherine Monnet (see #7461) were:

7461. Catherine13 Monnet married Michael Pillot (see #7460), son of Nicholas Pillot. She was born at Poitou, France.

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