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Ancestors of Mark Andrew Davis

Generation Eleven

1504. Sylvester11 Deputy was born circa 1637 at Wales.

Children of Sylvester11 Deputy and an unknown spouse were:

1506. William11 Townsend (John, #3012) was born on 1 Sep 1674 at Somerset Co, MD.1313 He married Elizabeth Costen (see #1507), daughter of Stephen Costen, circa 1694 at MD.1314 He died on 4 Jan 1728 at Sussex Co, MD, at age 53.1315 His estate was probated on 17 Jan 1736 at Sussex Co, MD.1316,1317

He left a will on 4 Jan 1728.1318

Children of William11 Townsend and Elizabeth Costen (see #1507) were:

1507. Elizabeth11 Costen (Stephen, #3014) was born on 2 Nov 1680 at MD.1319 She married William Townsend (see #1506), son of John Townsend and Elizabeth Danfroy, circa 1694 at MD.1320 Her estate was probated on 2 Nov 1745 at Sussex Co, MD.1321 She died on 3 Nov 1745? at age 65?1322

She left a will on 21 Sep 1745.1323

1536. George Joshua11 Woodward (Richard, #3072) was born in 1618 at England.1324 He married Mary (--?--) (see #1537) circa 1640 at Boston, Suffolks Co, MA. He married Elizabeth Hammond on 17 Aug 1659.1325 He died on 20 Jun 1676 at Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA.1326

He was a farmer. He was admitted freeman on 6 May 1646.1327

Children of George Joshua11 Woodward and Mary (--?--) (see #1537) all b. at Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA, were as follows:

1537. Mary11 (--?--) was born circa 1620 at England. She married George Joshua Woodward (see #1536), son of Richard Woodward and Rose Stewart, circa 1640 at Boston, Suffolks Co, MA.

1538. Richard11 Dana (Robert, #3076) married Ann Bullard (see #1539), daughter of Robert Bullard and Ann Martyn. He was born on 31 Oct 1617 at Manchester, Lancashire, England. He died on 2 Apr 1690 at Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA, at age 72.

His Ancestral File Number is 1KLK-43. He migrated.1328 He CHRISTENED: Manchester Collegiate Church, Manchester, England. He Richard Dana was one of the early donors to Harvard Gollege, giving cotton cloth as a contribution towards the repairs of college buildings destroyed by fire. He Served as Constable of Cambridge in 1661. Also other town political jobs. He Died from a fall from the scaffold in his barn.

Children of Richard11 Dana and Ann Bullard (see #1539) were as follows:

1539. Ann11 Bullard (Robert, #3078) married Richard Dana (see #1538), son of Robert Dana and Elizabeth Barlow. She was born circa 1627 at Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA. She died on 15 Jul 1711 at Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA.

Her Ancestral File Number is 1KLK-58.

1540. Thomas11 Parke (Robert, #3080) was born circa 1625 at Preston, England.1329 He married Dorothy Thompson (see #1541) circa 1645.1330 He died on 30 Jul 1709 at Preston, CT.1331

Children of Thomas11 Parke and Dorothy Thompson (see #1541) were:

1541. Dorothy11 Thompson was born circa 1625 at Preston, England.1332 She married Thomas Parke (see #1540), son of Robert Parke and Martha Chaplin, circa 1645.1333

1542. Robert11 Allyn.

Children of Robert11 Allyn and an unknown spouse were:

1568. Robert11 Hibbard Second (Robert, #3136) was born in 1648 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1334 He was christened on 7 May 1648 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1335 He married Mary Walden (see #1569), daughter of Edward Walden and Joan Crib, circa 1670 at Wenham, MA. He died on 29 Apr 1710 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1336

He BIO: Windham, CT: They joined thier sons Robert and Joseph, who moved there sometime around 1698. The first meeting to organize a church and society was held December 4, 1700. Robert and Joseph were among the twelve persons attending the meeting. At another meeting held on December 10, 1700, the two brothers and thier father took an active and zealous part. The elder Robert was named on of the Proprietors of Windham in May 1703. He was living in 1694 at Wenham, MA.1337 He was living in 1700 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1338

Children of Robert11 Hibbard Second and Mary Walden (see #1569) were as follows:

1569. Mary11 Walden (Edward, #3138) was born in 1655 at Wenham, MA. She married Robert Hibbard Second (see #1568), son of Robert Hibbard First and Joanna Luff, circa 1670 at Wenham, MA. She died between 7 Mar 1735 and 1736 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.

1570. John11 Read was born circa 1660. He married Sarah Holloway (see #1571) in 1682 at Windham, Windham Co, CT. He died in 1724 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1339

Children of John11 Read and Sarah Holloway (see #1571) were as follows:

1571. Sarah11 Holloway was born.1345 She married John Read (see #1570) in 1682 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.

1572. William11 Dirkye was born in 1630 at Meath Co., Ireland. He married Martha Crose (see #1573), daughter of Robert Crose and Hannah Ann Jordan, on 20 Dec 1664 at Ipswich, MA.1346 He died on 4 Jan 1676 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1347

He was also known as William Durkee. He BIO:Of Dutch or German origins, probably a seafaring man, came from the West Indies to Ipswich. In 1664 he was at Dover, NH. & at Ipswich again in 1666 and Portsmouth NH in 1684. His will was dated September 11, 1731 in Windham. He emigrated before 1664.

Children of William11 Dirkye and Martha Crose (see #1573) were as follows:

1573. Martha11 Crose (Robert, #3146) was born on 15 Mar 1643 at Ipswich, Essex Co, MA.1351 She married William Dirkye (see #1572) on 20 Dec 1664 at Ipswich, MA.1352 She died between 11 Jan 1726 and 1727 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.

1574. Henry11 Gould married an unknown person.

Children of Henry11 Gould and an unknown spouse were:

1577. Alice11 Pearle married an unknown person. She was born at Beverly Park, Yorkshire, England.

Children of Alice11 Pearle and an unknown spouse were:

1578. Richard R.11 Holmes was born in 1615 at England. He married Alice Northend (see #1579), daughter of John Northend and Elizabeth Cole, on 23 Jun 1647 at Rowely, Essex Co, MA.1353 He died in 1695.

Children of Richard R.11 Holmes and Alice Northend (see #1579) were:

1579. Alice11 Northend (John, #3158) was born in 1615 at Rowley, Rippleingham, Yorkshire, England. She married Richard R. Holmes (see #1578) on 23 Jun 1647 at Rowely, Essex Co, MA.1354 She was buried on 14 Feb 1686 at Rowley, Essex Co, MA.1355

1584. Moses11 Cleveland (Isaac, #3168) was born on 2 Feb 1619/20 at Ipswich, Suffolks, England. He married Ann Winn (see #1585), daughter of Edward Winn and Joanna (--?--), on 26 Jul 1648 at Worburn, Middlesex Co, MA.1356 He died between 9 Jan 1701 and 1702 at Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA.1357

He There is no record in England or America of the emigration of Moses, though family tradition holds that he came from Ipwsich and landed in Boston during 1635. He was an indentured apprentice to a master builder, thought to have been Edward Winn (whose daughter he afterward married). He moved in 1640 to Worburn with his master and in 1643 he became a freeman. His name appears on the Woburn Militia Muster Roll in 1663. Moses Cleveland would become the common ancestor of all the Cleveland families of New England, including Moses Cleveland, founder of Cleveland Ohio and S. Grover Cleveland, President of the United States. He emigrated circa 1648.1358

Children of Moses11 Cleveland and Ann Winn (see #1585) were as follows:

1585. Ann11 Winn (Edward, #3170) was born in 1629 at Wales or England. She married Moses Cleveland (see #1584), son of Isaac Cleveland and Alice (--?--), on 26 Jul 1648 at Worburn, Middlesex Co, MA.1359 She died on 6 May 1682 at Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA.

1586. Richard11 Hildreth was born in 1605 at England. He married Elizabeth Hinchman (see #1587) circa 1655. He died on 23 Feb 1692 at Chelmsford, MA.1360

He As long as Richard Hildreth remained in Cambridge, he was appointed almost every year to some office of trust by the selectmen or by the town meeting. He was also a Sergeant in the militia, but was not active after the loss of the use of his right hand before 1675. In 1653, Richard signed a petition, along with twenty-eight others, to the general court of Massachusetts Bay, for a new township to be granted to them on the south bank of the Merrimac and the west bank of the Concord rivers. Accordingly, next year (1654) this township was granted, settled, and organized under the name of Chelmsford. Robert Proctor and Jane moved to Chelmsford with the first settlers. Richard came soon after, and their farms joined each other. He emigrated circa 1635.1361 He So after his arrival in Chelmsford, trouble broke out when Richard spoke out against Rev. John Fisk. A Deacon with the church charge Richard of using seditious language and the church committee commanded him to appear before them and answer the charges of the Rev. Fisk. Richard declined to comply with the summons and held his peace until 1670. It was in that year that he circulated a paper, getting the signatures of all who wished to rid themselves of the Rev. Fisk. He made a long speech at the town meeting, stirring them up to call another minister. In consequence he was cited to appear before the county court at Cambridge on April 4th. to answer for his reproachful speech of the minister Fisk. The outcome of the suit is unknown, however, Rev. Fisk was still at his pulpit afterwards in 1670. He In 1673, a quarrel over boundries broke out between Richard and Robert Proctor. The quarrel quickly grew. Hildreth attempted to stop his friend from receiving sacrament at church and a meeting was called a Parson Fisk's house on the 27th. of May. He was ordered to appoligize and did so to the whole congregation. Objection was made to the shortness and leanness of his confession, but the problem was finally settled in 1673.

Children of Richard11 Hildreth and Elizabeth Hinchman (see #1587) were:

1587. Elizabeth11 Hinchman was born in 1605 at England. She married Richard Hildreth (see #1586) circa 1655. She died on 3 Aug 1693 at Chelmsford, MA.1362

1596. Benjamin11 Spaulding (Edward, #3192) was born on 7 Apr 1643 at Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA. He married Olive Farwell (see #1597), daughter of Henry Farwell and Olive Welby, on 30 Oct 1668 at Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.1363 He died before 1708.

Children of Benjamin11 Spaulding and Olive Farwell (see #1597) were as follows:

1597. Olive11 Farwell (Henry, #3194) was born in 1645 at Concord, MA. She married Benjamin Spaulding (see #1596), son of Edward Spaulding and Rachel (--?--), on 30 Oct 1668 at Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.1364

1598. Richard11 Adams married an unknown person. He was born before 1676.


Children of Richard11 Adams and an unknown spouse were:

1664. Nathaniel11 Felton was born circa 1615 at Great Yarmouth, England.1365 He married Mary Skelton (see #1665), daughter of Rev. Samuel Skelton and Susanna Travis, circa 1645 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1366 He died on 30 Jul 1705 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1367

He migrated in 1633 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1368,1369

Children of Nathaniel11 Felton and Mary Skelton (see #1665) all b. at Salem, Essex Co, MA, were as follows:

1665. Mary11 Skelton (Samuel, #3330) was baptized on 28 Jun 1627 at Tattershall, England.1377,1378 She married Nathaniel Felton (see #1664) circa 1645 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1379 She died on 8 May 1701 at Salem, Essex Co, MA, at age 73.1380

1666. John11 Tompkins Sr..

Children of John11 Tompkins Sr. and an unknown spouse were:

1672. John11 How (James, #3344) was born circa 1637 at Ipswich, Essex, MA.1381 He died in Sep 1698 at Marlborough, MA.1382


Children of John11 How and Mary Cooper (see #1673) were as follows:

1673. Mary11 Cooper was born circa 1639.1397

1674. Abraham11 How (John, #3348) was born circa 1632 at Watertown, Middlesex, MA.1398 He married Hannah Ward (see #1675), daughter of William Ward and Elizabeth (--?--), on 6 Mar 1657 at Marlborough, MA.1399 He died on 30 Jan 1695 at Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.1400

He DEATH: Marlborough Vital Records Book page 366.1401

Children of Abraham11 How and Hannah Ward (see #1675) were:

1675. Hannah11 Ward (William, #3350) was born in 1639 at Sudbury, Middlesex, MA.1402 She married Abraham How (see #1674), son of John How and Mary (--?--), on 6 Mar 1657 at Marlborough, MA.1403 She died on 3 Nov 1717 at Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.1404

She DEATH: Marlborough Vital Records Book page 367.1405

1676. Edmund11 Bowker (John, #3352) was born on 5 Jan 1623/24 at Whalley, Lancashire, England.1406 He was buried on 26 Dec 1683.1407

Children of Edmund11 Bowker and Margaret (--?--) (see #1677) were:

1677. Margaret11 (--?--).

1864. Pierre11 Monnett (Pierre Monnet, #3728) was born circa 1640 at Poitou, France. He married Catherine Pillot (see #1865), daughter of Israel Pillot and Jeanne Goudry, circa 1678. He died in 1715 at London, England.

Children of Pierre11 Monnett and Catherine Pillot (see #1865) were:

1865. Catherine11 Pillot (Israel, #3730) was born circa 1660 at Poitou, France. She married Pierre Monnett (see #1864), son of Pierre Monnet and Susanne Chastaine, circa 1678.

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