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Ancestors of Mark Andrew Davis

Generation Ten

752. Sylvester10 Deputy (Sylvester, #1504) was born circa 1700 at DE ?1195 He married Elizabeth Townsend (see #753), daughter of William Townsend and Elizabeth Costen, before 1728. He died circa 1761.1196,1197

Children of Sylvester10 Deputy and Elizabeth Townsend (see #753) were:

753. Elizabeth10 Townsend (William, #1506) was born circa 1700 at MD.1198 She married Sylvester Deputy (see #752), son of Sylvester Deputy, before 1728. She died after 1761.1199

768. Daniel10 Woodward (George, #1536) was born on 2 Sep 1653 at Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA.1200 He married Elizabeth Dana (see #769), daughter of Richard Dana and Ann Bullard, on 14 Jan 1678 at Medford, Middlesex Co, MA.1201 He died on 31 Jul 1713 at Newton, Middlesex Co, MA, at age 59.1202

Children of Daniel10 Woodward and Elizabeth Dana (see #769) were as follows:

769. Elizabeth10 Dana (Richard, #1538) was born on 20 Feb 1660 at Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA.1210 She was born on 20 Feb 1661/62 at Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA. She was christened on 27 Apr 1662. She was christened on 27 Apr 1662. She married Daniel Woodward (see #768), son of George Joshua Woodward and Mary (--?--), on 14 Jan 1678 at Medford, Middlesex Co, MA.1211

Her Ancestral File Number is 1KLL-0J.

770. Thomas10 Parke (Thomas, #1540) was born on 18 Apr 1648 at Wethersfield, CT.1212 He married Mary Allyn (see #771), daughter of Robert Allyn, on 4 Jan 1671/72 at Norwich, MA.1213 He died before 1699 at Preston, CT.1214

Children of Thomas10 Parke and Mary Allyn (see #771) were:

771. Mary10 Allyn (Robert, #1542) was born on 19 Nov 1648 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1215 She married Thomas Parke (see #770), son of Thomas Parke and Dorothy Thompson, on 4 Jan 1671/72 at Norwich, MA.1216

772. Jeremiah10 Meacham was born circa 1613 at Somersetshire, England.1217 He married Margaret (--?--) (see #773) before 1642.1218 He married Alice Douch circa 1665.1219 He died on 11 Nov 1696 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1220

Children of Jeremiah10 Meacham and Margaret (--?--) (see #773) were as follows:

773. Margaret10 (--?--) was born circa 1620.1228 She married Jeremiah Meacham (see #772) before 1642.1229 She died in 1679 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1230

774. John10 Browne married Esther Makepeace (see #775).

Children of John10 Browne and Esther Makepeace (see #775) were:

775. Esther10 Makepeace married John Browne (see #774).

784. Robert10 Hibbard Third (Robert, #1568) was born on 8 Jul 1676 at Wenham, Essex Co, MA.1231 He married Mary Reed (see #785), daughter of John Read and Sarah Holloway, on 3 Dec 1702 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1232 He died on 26 Jun 1742 at Windham, Windham Co, CT, at age 65.1233

He BIO:In 1698 Robert moved from Wenham, Mass. to Windham County, Conn. He was the first Hibbard to move to that Coloney. His will is dated November 23, 1734 and was probated in Windham, CT. He migrated in 1698 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1234

Children of Robert10 Hibbard Third and Mary Reed (see #785) were as follows:

785. Mary10 Reed (John Read, #1570) was born on 14 Jun 1687. She married Robert Hibbard Third (see #784), son of Robert Hibbard Second and Mary Walden, on 3 Dec 1702 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1235 She died on 7 Mar 1763 at age 75.

She END.

786. William10 Durkee (William Dirkye, #1572) married Rebecca Gould (see #787), daughter of Henry Gould.1236 He was born in 1672 at Portsmouth, NH.1237 He died on 2 Mar 1732 at Ipswich, MA.1238

Children of William10 Durkee and Rebecca Gould (see #787) were:

787. Rebecca10 Gould (Henry, #1574) married William Durkee (see #786), son of William Dirkye and Martha Crose.1239

She END.

788. John10 Pearl (Alice Pearle, #1577) was born in 1650 at Skidby/Beverly, Yorkshire, England. He married Elizabeth Holmes (see #789), daughter of Richard R. Holmes and Alice Northend, circa 1682 at Rowely, Essex Co, MA. He died in 1720 at Bradford, MA.

He was employed by BIO John was a miller by trade. He had been bound as an apprentice to Anthony Elvidge of Beverly about 1665. When Mr. Elvidge died, John became apprentice to John Gurwood of Beverly on Nov. 24, 1666. He came to New England before 1671 and was working as a miller in Marblehead and later at Bradford in 1665 at a miller, Beverly, MA.

Children of John10 Pearl and Elizabeth Holmes (see #789) were as follows:

789. Elizabeth10 Holmes (Richard, #1578) was born on 15 Jul 1662 at Rowely, Essex Co, MA.1240 She married John Pearl (see #788), son of Alice Pearle, circa 1682 at Rowely, Essex Co, MA. She died on 26 Mar 1744 at Boxford, MA, at age 81.

792. Samuel10 Cleveland (Moses, #1584) was born on 9 Jun 1657 at Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA.1241 He married Persis Hildreth (see #793), daughter of Richard Hildreth and Elizabeth Hinchman, on 23 May 1682 at Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.1242 He died on 12 Mar 1734/35 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT, at age 77.1243

He BIO Sergeant Samuel Cleveland was a soldier in King Philip's war under the command of Major Simon Willard in 1675 and 1676. He was married on May 17, 1680 to Jane Keyes, who died in 1681 at Chelmsford. He then married Persis and they had seven children before she died in 1698. Shortly after her death, Samuel took the oath of freeman. He married a third time on July 25, 1699 to Mrs. Margaret Fish, widow of John Fish. Samuel moved to Canterbury in 1693. He Bought land in Chelmsford 17 Nov 1681. About 1693, he seems to have gone back to Worburn from Chelmsford. Shortly after me moved his family to Canterbury CT in 1681 at Chelmsford, MA.

Children of Samuel10 Cleveland and Persis Hildreth (see #793) were as follows:

793. Persis10 Hildreth (Richard, #1586) was born on 8 Feb 1658/59 at Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.1244 She married Samuel Cleveland (see #792), son of Moses Cleveland and Ann Winn, on 23 May 1682 at Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.1245 She died on 22 Feb 1697/98 at age 39.

794. Tyxhall10 Ensworth was born in 1675. He married Lydia Sarah (--?--) (see #795) circa 1695. He died in 1727 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT.

He was also known as Tixwell Ensworth. He was also known as Tyxwell Ainsworth. He left a will on 15 Jan 1726.1246

Children of Tyxhall10 Ensworth and Lydia Sarah (--?--) (see #795) were as follows:

795. Lydia Sarah10 (--?--) was born in 1675. She married Tyxhall Ensworth (see #794) circa 1695.

798. Edward10 Spaulding (Benjamin, #1596) was born on 18 Jun 1672 at Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA. He married Mary Adams (see #799), daughter of Richard Adams, circa 1696 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT. He died on 29 Nov 1740 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT, at age 68.1253

He left a will on 22 Nov 1738.1254

Children of Edward10 Spaulding and Mary Adams (see #799) all b. at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT, were as follows:

799. Mary10 Adams (Richard, #1598) was born in 1676. She married Edward Spaulding (see #798), son of Benjamin Spaulding and Olive Farwell, circa 1696 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT. She died on 20 Sep 1759.

832. John10 Felton (Nathaniel, #1664) was baptized on 3 Sep 1648 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1255,1256 He married Mary Tompkins (see #833), daughter of John Tompkins Sr, in 1670 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1257 He married Hannah (--?--) after 1688.1258 He died on 19 Feb 1717/18 at Salem, Essex Co, MA, at age 69.1259 His estate was probated in Mar 1718.1260,1261

He was Constable in 1685 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1262 He was Constable in 1687 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1263 He and Hannah (--?--) were Dismissed from the First Church of Salem to form a church in the Middle Precinct.1264 He left a will in Oct 1715.1265

Children of John10 Felton and Mary Tompkins (see #833) were as follows:

833. Mary10 Tompkins (John, #1666) was born circa 1649 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1273 She was baptized on 29 Apr 1649.1274 She married John Felton (see #832), son of Nathaniel Felton and Mary Skelton, in 1670 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1275 She died on 12 Dec 1688 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1276

836. Captain Eleazer10 How (John, #1672) was born on 18 Jan 1662 at Marlborough, MA.1277 He married Hannah How (see #837), daughter of Abraham How and Hannah Ward, in Nov 1684 at Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.1278 He died on 17 Mar 1737 at Marlborough, MA, at age 75.1279

He MARRIAGE: Marlborough Vital Records Book page 267. COF.1280

Children of Captain Eleazer10 How and Hannah How (see #837) were as follows:

837. Hannah10 How (Abraham, #1674) was born on 9 Nov 1663 at Marlborough, MA.1290 She married Captain Eleazer How (see #836), son of John How and Mary Cooper, in Nov 1684 at Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.1291 She died on 24 Jun 1735 at Marlborough, MA, at age 71.1292

She BIRTH: Marlborough Vital Records Book page 99.1293 She MARRIAGE: Marlborough Vital Records Book page 267.1294

838. John10 Boucker (Edmund Bowker, #1676) was born on 26 Oct 1654 at Pendleton, Clitheroe, Lancashire, England.1295 He married Mary How (see #839) on 8 Jan 1677/78 at Sudbery, MA.1296 He died on 6 Nov 1688 at MA at age 34.1297

Children of John10 Boucker and Mary How (see #839) were as follows:

839. Mary10 How was born circa 1660.1304 She married John Boucker (see #838), son of Edmund Bowker and Margaret (--?--), on 8 Jan 1677/78 at Sudbery, MA.1305

928. Guillaum10 Tonnelier died at England. He was born in 1675 at France.

He The family name in France was Tonnelier, a surname derived from an occupation, meaning barrel maker or cooper. Several years after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes a progenitor of the Virginia Tunnell family fled his native France and sought refuge in England. Guillaume (William) Tonnelier emmigrated to England in 1702 and settled near Scarbrough, North Riding, Yorkshire with his wife and baby son. The name was Anglicized to Tunnel.

Children of Guillaum10 Tonnelier and an unknown spouse were:

932. Robert10 Money (Pierre Monnett, #1864) was born circa 1680 at Poitou, France.1306 He married Margaret Darrell (see #933) on 4 Oct 1696 at Saint Stephen's Parish, Cecil Co, MD.1307,1308 He died in 1749 at Cecil, MD.

He was also known as Robert Monnet. He left a will on 25 Jan 1748/49 at Cecil Co, MD.1309,1310

Children of Robert10 Money and Margaret Darrell (see #933) were:

933. Margaret10 Darrell married Robert Money (see #932), son of Pierre Monnett and Catherine Pillot, on 4 Oct 1696 at Saint Stephen's Parish, Cecil Co, MD.1311,1312 She died in 1756 at Cecil, MD.

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