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Ancestors of Mark Andrew Davis

Generation Nine

376. Jesse9 Deputy (Sylvester, #752) married Sarah Collins (see #377). He was born circa 1727 at Cedar Creek, Sussex Co, DE.1109 He died in 1797 at Sussex Co, DE.1110

Children of Jesse9 Deputy and Sarah Collins (see #377) were as follows:

377. Sarah9 Collins married Jesse Deputy (see #376), son of Sylvester Deputy and Elizabeth Townsend. She died in 1819.1117

384. Amos9 Woodward (Daniel, #768) was born on 5 Jun 1693 at Medford, Middlesex Co, MA.1118 He was christened on 10 Oct 1697 at Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA.1119 He married Hannah Parke (see #385), daughter of Thomas Parke and Mary Allyn, circa 1710 at Mansfield, CT. He died after 1754 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1120

Children of Amos9 Woodward and Hannah Parke (see #385) were as follows:

385. Hannah9 Parke (Thomas, #770) was born circa 1685 at Preston, New London Co, CT.1129 She married Amos Woodward (see #384), son of Daniel Woodward and Elizabeth Dana, circa 1710 at Mansfield, CT. She died on 14 Mar 1778 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1130

386. Jeremiah9 Meacham (Jeremiah, #772) was born on 3 Jan 1644 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1131 He married Mary Trask on 11 Mar 1672 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1132 He married Deborah Browne (see #387), daughter of John Browne and Esther Makepeace, on 25 May 1693 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1133 He died after 1718.

Children of Jeremiah9 Meacham and Deborah Browne (see #387) were as follows:

387. Deborah9 Browne (John, #774) was born circa 1675.1144 She married Jeremiah Meacham (see #386), son of Jeremiah Meacham and Margaret (--?--), on 25 May 1693 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1145 She died after 1718.1146

392. John9 Hibbard First (Robert, #784) was born on 30 Oct 1704 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1147 He married Martha Durkee (see #393), daughter of William Durkee and Rebecca Gould, on 22 Sep 1725 at Windham Co, CT.1148 He died on 23 Mar 1762 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT, at age 57.

John and Martha moved from Windham and settled their farm near the Little River, close to the town of Canterbury. On January 30, 1728 he received part of his father's farm in Canterbery for "love, goodwill & affection."

Children of John9 Hibbard First and Martha Durkee (see #393) were as follows:

393. Martha9 Durkee (William, #786) was born on 11 Dec 1705 at Ipswich, MA. She married John Hibbard First (see #392), son of Robert Hibbard Third and Mary Reed, on 22 Sep 1725 at Windham Co, CT.1149

394. Timothy9 Pearl (John, #788) was born on 23 Feb 1694/95. He married Elizabeth (--?--) (see #395) circa 1722.

Children of Timothy9 Pearl and Elizabeth (--?--) (see #395) were as follows:

395. Elizabeth9 (--?--) was born in 1705. She married Timothy Pearl (see #394), son of John Pearl and Elizabeth Holmes, circa 1722.

396. Joseph9 Cleveland (Samuel, #792) was born on 18 Jul 1689 at Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA. He married Sarah Ensworth (see #397), daughter of Tyxhall Ensworth and Lydia Sarah (--?--), on 31 Mar 1725 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT. He died on 11 Mar 1766 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT, at age 76.

Sergeant Joseph Cleveland was married on February 7, 1710 to Abigail Hyde of Cambridge. She died in Canterbury on December 16, 1724, they had seven children. In 1720, Joseph was named "seruayer of highways" and "fence viewer" in 1723.

Children of Joseph9 Cleveland and Sarah Ensworth (see #397) were as follows:

397. Sarah9 Ensworth (Tyxhall, #794) was born on 12 Jun 1699 at Plainfield, Windham Co, CT. She married Joseph Cleveland (see #396), son of Samuel Cleveland and Persis Hildreth, on 31 Mar 1725 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT. She died on 21 Jun 1761 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT, at age 62.

398. William9 Darbe was born in 1698. He married Elizabeth Spaulding (see #399), daughter of Edward Spaulding and Mary Adams, on 9 Jun 1718 at Canterbury, Middlesex Co, MA.

Children of William9 Darbe and Elizabeth Spaulding (see #399) were as follows:

399. Elizabeth9 Spaulding (Edward, #798) was born on 18 Aug 1698 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT. She married William Darbe (see #398) on 9 Jun 1718 at Canterbury, Middlesex Co, MA.

416. Samuel9 Felton (John, #832) was born on 1 Jan 1681/82 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1150 He married Sarah Goodale (see #417) in 1709 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1151 He died on 5 Oct 1772 at Danvers, MA, at age 90.1152

He was Weaver circa 1700 at Felton Hill, Salem, Essex Co, MA.1153 He began military service in 1703 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1154,1155 He left a will on 10 Jun 1772 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1156

Children of Samuel9 Felton and Sarah Goodale (see #417) all b. at Salem, Essex Co, MA, were as follows:

417. Sarah9 Goodale was born circa 1685 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1168 She married Samuel Felton (see #416), son of John Felton and Mary Tompkins, in 1709 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1169 She died after 1772 at Felton Hill, Peabody, MA.1170,1171

418. Gershom9 Howe (Eleazer How, #836) was born on 8 Sep 1694 at Marlborough, MA.1172 He married Hannah Boucker (see #419), daughter of John Boucker and Mary How, on 6 Dec 1721 at Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.1173 He died on 28 Oct 1738 at Marlborough, MA, at age 44.1174

He BIRTH: Marlborough Vital Records Book page 99.1175 He MARRIAGE: Marlborough Vital Records Book page 268.1176 He DEATH: Marlborough Vital Records Book page 367.1177 He was also known as Ensign Gershom How.1178

Children of Gershom9 Howe and Hannah Boucker (see #419) were as follows:

419. Hannah9 Boucker (John, #838) was born on 21 Sep 1699 at Marlborough, MA.1187 She married Gershom Howe (see #418), son of Captain Eleazer How and Hannah How, on 6 Dec 1721 at Marlborough, Middlesex, MA.1188 She died on 12 Mar 1750 at Marlborough, MA, at age 50.1189

464. William9 Tunnel (Guillaum Tonnelier, #928) was born in 1702 at France. He married Ann Howard (see #465) circa 1730 at England. He died on 28 Dec 1787 at Loudon Co, VA. He was buried after 28 Dec 1787 at Fairfax Co, VA.

Though born in France, William was raised in Yorkshire. It was there that he and Lady Ann Howard were married. The title 'Lady Ann' clung to her to the day of her death. They were married in England, but the date is not known. About 1736 they emigrated to the English Colonies in America and settled near Fredricksburg, Virginia. Later they moved to Fairfax County and lived some distance from Herndon, but not far from the falls of the Potomac. After William's death, Ann moved to Robertsville, Tennessee to live with her son, the Rev. William Tunnell. After she had celebrated her 100th. birthday, she forded the Clinch River on horseback. She had started the family Bible and upon her death it was recorded 'Ann Tunnell departed this life February 18, 1814 supposed to be one hundred and four years old.'

Children of William9 Tunnel and Ann Howard (see #465) were as follows:

465. Ann9 Howard was born in 1710 at Yorkshire, England. She married William Tunnel (see #464), son of Guillaum Tonnelier, circa 1730 at England. She died on 18 Feb 1814 at Robertsville, Anderson Co, TN.

She was also known as Lady Ann Howard.

466. Nicholas9 Money (Robert, #932) was born on 14 Jun 1727 at Saint Stephen's Parish, Cecil Co, MD.1193,1194 He married Mary Yeats (see #467) circa 1750.

He was also known as Nicholas Monnet.

Children of Nicholas9 Money and Mary Yeats (see #467) were:

467. Mary9 Yeats was born circa 1731. She married Nicholas Money (see #466), son of Robert Money and Margaret Darrell, circa 1750.

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