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Ancestors of Mark Andrew Davis

Generation Eight

176. Robert8 Dismore married Olive (--?--) (see #177). He was born circa 1725 at England.

Children of Robert8 Dismore and Olive (--?--) (see #177) were as follows:

177. Olive8 (--?--) married Robert Dismore (see #176).

188. James8 Deputy (Jesse, #376) was born in 1775.1048 He married Abigail Russell (see #189) circa 1793.1049 He died between 1 Nov 1830 and 1831 at Sussex Co, DE.1050 He was buried at Deputy Cemetery, Milford, Sussex Co, DE.1051 His estate was probated on 24 Nov 1831 at Sussex Co, DE.1052

Children of James8 Deputy and Abigail Russell (see #189) were:

189. Abigail8 Russell was born on 3 Feb 1780.1053 She married James Deputy (see #188), son of Jesse Deputy and Sarah Collins, circa 1793.1054 She died on 3 Nov 1864 at Sussex Co, DE, at age 84.1055 She was buried at Deputy Cemetery, Milford, Sussex Co, DE.1056

192. Ebenezer8 Woodward (Amos, #384) was born on 18 Mar 1717 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1057 He was christened on 27 Apr 1718 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1058 He married Rachael Meacham (see #193), daughter of Jeremiah Meacham and Deborah Browne, on 19 Jun 1744 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1059 He died on 15 Feb 1754 at Windham, Windham Co, CT, at age 36.1060

He was a farmer circa 1744 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.

Children of Ebenezer8 Woodward and Rachael Meacham (see #193) all b. at Windham, Windham Co, CT, were as follows:

193. Rachael8 Meacham (Jeremiah, #386) was born on 20 Jul 1716 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1069,1070 She married Ebenezer Woodward (see #192), son of Amos Woodward and Hannah Parke, on 19 Jun 1744 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1071 She died before 18 Dec 1767 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.1072

194. Jonathan8 Ormes was born at Worcester, Leicester Co, MA. He married Hannah Canada (see #195) on 17 Jan 1750 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.

Children of Jonathan8 Ormes and Hannah Canada (see #195) were as follows:

195. Hannah8 Canada was born on 30 Mar 1723 at Windham, Windham Co, CT. She married Jonathan Ormes (see #194) on 17 Jan 1750 at Windham, Windham Co, CT.

196. John8 Hibbard Second (John, #392) was born on 9 Dec 1727 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT.1073 He married Elizabeth Pearl (see #197), daughter of Timothy Pearl and Elizabeth (--?--), on 14 Feb 1748/49.1074 He died in Jan 1805 at Royalton, Windsor Co, VT, at age 77.

John enlisted in the Connecticut Malitia under Captian William Hebard and marched to New London, where they were driven out on September 6, 1781, at the time of the massacre at Fort Griswold, the taking of Fort Trumbull and the burning of New London. After his discharge, John secured a grant of land in Royalton, Vermont; one of the first grants in Royalton. He and Elizabeth moved to Royalton sometime before 1779. John was a highly respected member of this fledgeling territory. He was entrusted with the duty of securing the charter for the town in 1779, when the voters awoke to the fact, that they really did not know what the divisions of the town were, and they need the charter to substantiate their claims before the state government (the land was then claimed by New York). John was active in the church in Royalton, though he was not accepted into communion, until a Baptist church was formed. He then became an active member of that church. He was interested in higher education and was one of the men who endeavored to secure a grammer school for Royalton in 1782. He was elected to various town offices and placed on committees for the transaction of important town business. His home in Royalton was so far west that it was not burned during the Indian attach on the settlement on October 16, 1780. He He had been active in the service of his country, and enlisted as a private in Captain William Hebard's company. He marched to New London, whence they were driven out, Sept. 6, 1781, at the time of the massacre at Fort Griswold, the taking of Fort Trumbull, and the burning of New London on 6 Sep 1781 at New London, CT.1075

Children of John8 Hibbard Second and Elizabeth Pearl (see #197) were as follows:

197. Elizabeth8 Pearl (Timothy, #394) was born between 18 Jan 1728 and 1729 at Hampton, CT. She married John Hibbard Second (see #196), son of John Hibbard First and Martha Durkee, on 14 Feb 1748/49.1077

198. Samuel8 Cleveland (Joseph, #396) was born on 7 Jun 1730 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT. He married Ruth Darbe (see #199), daughter of William Darbe and Elizabeth Spaulding, on 7 May 1751 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT. He married Anna Welch on 11 Mar 1784 at Royalton, Windsor Co, VT. He died on 7 Nov 1806 at Royalton, Windsor Co, VT, at age 76.

All of Samual and Ruth's children were born in Canterbury, Conn. After the death of Ruth, Samual and his second wife Anna moved to Royalton, Vermont; sometime around 1786.

Children of Samuel8 Cleveland and Ruth Darbe (see #199) all b. at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT, were as follows:

199. Ruth8 Darbe (William, #398) was born on 26 Sep 1732. She married Samuel Cleveland (see #198), son of Joseph Cleveland and Sarah Ensworth, on 7 May 1751 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT. She died on 13 Aug 1782 at Canterbury, CT, at age 49.

208. David8 Felton (Samuel, #416) was born on 6 Nov 1720 at Salem, Essex Co, MA.1078 He married Zerviah Howe (see #209), daughter of Gershom Howe and Hannah Boucker, in Oct 1747 at Marlborough, MA.1079 He died circa Feb 1777 at Petersham, MA.1080

Children of David8 Felton and Zerviah Howe (see #209) were as follows:

209. Zerviah8 Howe (Gershom, #418) was born on 9 Oct 1729 at Marlborough, Essex Co, MA.1101,1102 She married David Felton (see #208), son of Samuel Felton and Sarah Goodale, in Oct 1747 at Marlborough, MA.1103 She died on 28 Jun 1773 at Petersham, MA, at age 43.1104

216. Jared8 Ingraham married Mary Taylor (see #217).1105 He was born circa 1721.

He was also known as Jeutt Ingraham.1106

Children of Jared8 Ingraham and Mary Taylor (see #217) were:

217. Mary8 Taylor married Jared Ingraham (see #216).1107 She was born circa 1725.1108

232. Stephen8 Tunnell (William Tunnel, #464) was born in 1753 at Fredricksburg, Spotsylvania Co, VA. He married Kezia Money (see #233), daughter of Nicholas Money and Mary Yeats, in 1776 at Georgetown, MD. He died in 1828 at Tompkinsville, KY.

Served in the Revolutionary War and fought in the battle of Long Island.

Stephen was a Methodist minister and inherited a horse from his brother, Rev. John Tunnell, which had taken the latter over a vast territory during his ministerial career. He served in the Revolutionary War and participated in the battle of Long Island. His wife, Kezia, was of a Huguenot family of the eastern shore of Maryland. Stephen and Kezia lived in Virginia until 1788 when they moved to Washington Co., Tenn. and it is said they lived at one time in Greene County. Several of their children were born in Virginia, while others were born in Upper East Tennessee. Five of their sons were ministers.

Children of Stephen8 Tunnell and Kezia Money (see #233) were as follows:

233. Kezia8 Money (Nicholas, #466) was born circa 1755 at Georgetown, MD. She married Stephen Tunnell (see #232), son of William Tunnel and Ann Howard, in 1776 at Georgetown, MD. She died in 1836 at Morgan Co, IL.

She was also known as Kezia Monnet.

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