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Contact List:

Mark Davis (Cora Emma4, Nathaniel H.3, Nathaniel2, Henry1)

Dismore Clearinghouse Webmaster

53275 Placid Drive

South Bend, IN  46637


Isla Cain (widow of Jack Cain) researcher of John and Olive (Dismore) Cain No E-mail address

81277 Gallatin Rd.

Bozeman, MT  59715


Leslie Calvert (Eliza J. 4, James W.3, Henry C.2, Henry1)

LaPorte, IN



David Michael Dismore (Frank H.6, Thomas F.5, James W.4, James W.3, Henry C.2, Henry1)

Los Angeles, CA


Dennis R. Dismore   (Ray A.6, Ira N.5, William H.4, John3, Henry C.2, Henry1)

PO Box 4183
Modesto, CA  95352-4183


Donald J. Dismore (Jack5, George E.4, James H.3, James W.2, Henry1)

1221 S. Brook St.

Louisville, KY  40203-2717



Robert "Diz" Dismore (Bryan B.4, Lymon H.3, Samuel L.2, Robert1)



Terry Dismore  (Louis B.7, Luther M.6, Noble M.5, James W.4, James W.3, Henry C.2, Henry1)



Willis Gale Dismore  (Daniel R.5, James W.4, James W.3, Henry C.2, Henry1)



Mrs.Kathy Hughes  (Desendant of Robert Dismore)

1406 Dieterlen Road
Henryville, IN 47126


David Shields   (Olive2, Henry1Visit David's homepage for the desendants of Olive (Dismore) Cain

166 Hazelwood Ave.
Barberton, OH 44203-1315



Carol Buchanan Susnick (Angeletta3, Nathaniel H.2, Henry1) No E-mail address

4898 Winddrift Rd.

Scottsburg, IN 47170



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Mark Andrew Davis - Genealogist


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Mark Davis

53275 Placid Drive

South Bend, IN  46637




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